Friday, February 25, 2011

Reformat and an Excellent Meal!

      I have been reading back through some of my previous posts, and I find myself bored by them, frankly underwhelmed. While factually accurate I think they lack personality and are too dry and so I shall endeavor to be more conversational and "bloggy." Never fear, however, I will not sink into using text or chat "speak" but will only seek to be more personal and less technical. I will appreciate any comment or feedback on either this new or the old format. Thank you, dear reader!
      The other night we had an amazing dinner of salmon grilled (with charcoal) on fresh cedar planks! I was surprised how much the cedar flavor soaked into the fish. It is definitely now my favorite way to eat salmon. It was easy and quick to prepare and versatile as well. It would go with a variety of side dishes and an endless combination of flavors could be basted onto the fish to make a new and fresh taste experience each time. We paired the cedar flavor with a good quality Sauvignon Blanc, Kim Crawford 2009 (now my favorite white wine), an excellent choice.

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  1. I have discovered a divine Tequila; Cabo Wabo!! More later.
    Keep it Smooth,