Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Inelegant Interest... Or Not!

I had the privilege of watching the final game of the premiere league season for my beloved Red Devils (Manchester United; English Soccer League- for you unenlightened ones.) It got me to thinking about sports and other pursuits that we humans indulge in. It would seem on the face of things that a sport that consists of running and sweating and hard work would be anything but elegant, however, watching soccer, especially the English variety, always impresses me with it's grace and symmetry. So that, though the participants are sweating and sliding in the grass and mud and even bloodying each other on occasion, the game as a whole comes out to be a smooth and even sensually elegant pageant of color and movement swirling over the canvas of green turf.
The directors of this parade of unexpected elegance strut smugly up and down the sidelines showing off the latest offerings of Savile Row or wherever and add the fine touch of classy tailoring to the carnival of excitement that surrounds this record breaking nineteenth championship win.

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